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About Us

Established over 20 years ago, Maple Leaf Curtains LTD. in Vancouver, B.C, our CEO has over 30 years of experiences in design, specializing in curtains and draperies.

Our company manufactures and specializes in products such as:

  • Curtains, shutters, blinds and motorized curtains.  Providing customers with a large variety of style, price range, and technology

  • Eco-Friendly Curtains

  • Fabric Curtains:  Luxurious, high-quality fabric to enhance the appearance of your home.  Practical and cost-efficient fabric to make your place warm and homey.

In addition, since our company manufacture our own curtains and hardware, we are able to offer our clients the best price, making our product more affordable than many others.  We are also proud to be able to follow closely with the international trends in terms of the technology, style, and design for curtains. 

In order to provide the highest levels of service and reliability, and to ensure client’s needs and budget are met, our design team, and our measurement & installation technicians will work closely with clients to ensure 100% satisfactions.  Our commitment to you is total and that is what made us better.

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